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Super Sharp Straight Knife Grinder

Product ID: PP-650A

快三必中技巧方法 Especially suitable for sharpening woodworking straight knife, plain knife and various types of industrial use straight knives.
The knife, is put through a coares wheel grinding, then put on a fine wheel grinding for sharpening the knife edge again to obtain the super sharp edge and extend the cutting life of the knife.

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Model 型號 PP-600S PP-650A PP-500 PP-1500
Coarse capacity 660*76*16 mm 660*76*16 mm 660*126*16 mm 1500*157*20 mm
Coarse gringing wheel size ∮225*16*25.4 mm ∮225*16*25.4 mm ∮150*90*22 mm ∮150*90*22 mm
Fine gringing wheel size ∮100*50*50.8 mm ∮100*50*50.8 mm
Grinding wheel speed 1700 rpm 1700 rpm 3400 rpm 3400 rpm
Coarse wheel motor 1 HP 2 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Fine wheel motor 1/2 HP
Table travel motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP 1/4 HP 1 HP
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Machine size 1150*750*1350 mm 1670*740*1500 mm 1150*750*1350 mm 2550*910*1460 mm
Packing size 1240*880*1510 mm 1840*880*1770 mm 1240*880*1510 mm 2760*1050*1620 mm
N.W./G.W. 270/320 kgs 630/750 kgs 280/330 kgs  790/930 kgs
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